Medina Azahara & Almodovar Castle
Guided tours in Cordoba

Torre de la Calahorra, Córdoba

7 – 8 hours
9 a.m.

Day trip to discover Medina Azahara, the important Palatine city of the Caliphate of Cordoba and the Almodovar Castle, one of the locations for the filming of the 7th season of the famous Game of Thrones series.

What awaits you

 We will take you to the largest archaeological site in Spain. Recently named a World Heritage Site. You will know a palatine city, in its purest state as it was after its abandonment. Then will visit the imposing Almodóvar Castle, a fortress of Arab origin of great defensive importance, raised on a 250-meter hill in perfect condition. An essential visit during your stay in Córdoba. In addition Game of Thrones scenario, giving life to two different kingdoms. On the one hand, the castle dungeons were part of the Kingdom of Roca Casterly and the fortress in its entirety staged the Kingdom of the Tyrell House, Altojardín.

What we visit
Medina Azahara and Almodovar Castle
Free time

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What’s included?

  • Cathedral ticket
  • Royal Chapel
  • Transfer from Cordoba

Meeting point

Torre de la Calahorra. Hora 9 AM.
It is essential to be at the stipulated time at the meeting point, the delay implies the loss of the tour and the refund.

Medina Azahara & Almodovar Castle


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