Granada Contrast- Excursions in Granada
Excursions, Excursions in Granada


It is the most complete and different excursion from those that can be enjoyed in Granada, a city that has always been a melting pot of cultures.
It covers some of the most important and surprising places in the city, from the oldest and most emblematic of Granada to the present and the most contemporary urban art.

Adult: € 29
Children from 5 to 12 years old: € 15
Babies from 0 to 4 years old: Free

2.5 hours

The tour begins by touring the Realejo neighborhood, where we will enjoy the views of the city from the less exploited hill of Granada. Sephardic Jewish neighborhood, where we will address the causes of the almost total disappearance of its footprint in the city, and the importance of its recovery since the beginning of the s. XXI.

Visit to the Corrala de Santiago, where we will know the culture of the neighboring corralas.

We climb the slope of Realejo where we will get spectacular photos between the alleys and houses with the architecture that contrasts with the rest of Granada.

We arrive at the Alhambra Palace Hotel, and we will know the history of the hotel, and the moment when the Alhambra becomes the important monument that it is today.

We will descend to one of the most important points of universal graffiti, where we will closely observe paintings by local artists that you can find on walls and streets around the world such as New York, Argentina, Portugal, France, Venezuela, Holland, Mexico, Italy , Hungary or Belgium.

In this important corner, we can take pictures very closely and is part of the work in the first person.

Not only plastic and architectural work has lived and lives the art of realejo, we will stop before continuing our tour in the square Joe Strummer, singer and guitarist of Clash, very influential musician in Granada rock music as a great example is the band 091.

We will continue towards the Paseo del Salón, on the banks of the Genil River. This nineteenth-century French walk will take us to a romantic time, where the bourgeois rides and the traffic of the richly decorated floats fanned the sunny afternoons of the city. A perfect place to end the visit, ideal to eat and continue the day.

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