Granada: Catedral and Capilla Real from Córdoba
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Torre de la Calahorra, Córdoba

7 – 8 hours
9 a.m.

On this visit we will approach to  Granada, where you will discover the Cathedral and Royal Chapel, resting place of the well-known Catholic Monarchs. Walking through its alleys and its historic center is one of the delights of Andalusia.

What awaits you

Discover Granada from Córdoba. Our accompanying guide will take you to the Cathedral and Royal Chapel of Granada, will indicate the places you can visit and know in the city center. An experience to enjoy the history, Christian and Arabic that make the uniqueness of Cordoba and Granada stand out throughout Andalusia.

What we visit
Cathedral and Royal Chapel

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What’s included?

  • Cathedral ticket
  • Royal Chapel
  • Transfer from Cordoba

Meeting point

Torre de la Calahorra. Hora 9 AM.
It is essential to be at the stipulated time at the meeting point, the delay implies the loss of the tour and the refund.

Granada: Catedral and Capilla Real from Córdoba


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