Serón Natural Experience
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Serón, Almería

Serón, its Menas, its green way of the Iron and its paths towards the millenary holm oak, do that this corner of the Mountain range of the Filbres has sense by itself. Live an experience in the interior of Almeria.

In the Natural experience of Serón, the visitor will be able to make a route interpreted by the old lost villages of the Menas de Serón, an experience of historical and natural immersion where those villages that the workers were mounting in the environment of their work are visited.

Another option that includes this experience is that of bike routes, the trails and the greenway, where nature and history remarry into a perfect marriage.

If you like sport and nature, as well as life in the interior of Andalusia, you can not miss an experience in the interior of Almeria, in the Sierra de los Filbres.

  • Routes in MTB

  • Roads and trails through lost villages interpreted

  • Meet the oldest oak in Andalusia.

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What’s included?

  • Guided tour

What’s not included?

  • Lunch, accommodation or transport

Important information

It is very important to be at the meeting point at the indicated time since if you do not lose the right to make the visit and the refund of the same.

When visiting children, it is essential to indicate the age of the children in advance.


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