Discover Malaga in one day: History, Culture, Art, Gastonomy. Do not miss it!!

Discover Malaga in one day: History, Culture, Art, Gastonomy. Do not miss it!!

If what you want is to discover Malaga in 1 day, its history, culture, art and gastronomy, do not miss this post and its companions, because visiting Malaga in one day is easy if you know where to start. We propose you to make your own guided tour where you will know the essential places to visit ..

Discover Malaga in one day with your own guided tour or guided tour

Malaga is an ancient and cosmopolitan city.
Today it has become the first power of the Andalusian tourism industry. It keeps alive its tradition of cozy and creative land.
  • That is why you cannot miss its coastline, where it is never winter.
  • Of mountain vocation, inland, where nature is shown in all its splendor.
  • And of course its White Villages. Of beautiful architecture wrapped in romantic legends, they put their point of Light.

In Malaga, if you are making a visit or route through its bars you can not stop asking for the most typical dishes that we propose here.

The smaller fish (anchovies, salmon, horse mackerel, squid and calamiritos) presented in frying is the symbol of a kitchen of simple elaboration but exquisite palate.
A special flavor is offered by shrimps, chirlas and cooked or grilled crayfish.
In the interior of the province an exquisite farmhouse is made.
Hard content dishes: Choto al ajillo, fried goat, hare …
Gazpacho is prepared in Malaga in multiple ways, ajoblanco, porra antequerana and gazpachuelo …
And of course, be sure to try the wines of the Earth, that of raisins and muscat grapes and Pedro Ximenez, have international fame.

What can I not miss if I am in the city?

Previously we have marked the essentials of the province, but if I am in Málaga capital and I want to do my guided tour, what can I not miss?

1. Cortina del Muelle

2. Catedral y Museo Catedralicio

3. Teatro Romano

4. Alcazaba

5. Plaza de la Merced

6. Museo Picaso

7. Calle Larios

As you can see, there are many places, known and more … we propose you to visit Malaga on your own and if you are going to be there for several days and want to take advantage, visit some different destinations, contrasts and experiences, click here!. 

Do not miss our next post where we will give you more suggestions to visit Málaga,

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